June 14, 2024

Uber: The app offers a ride booking system

Great Britain

New function to make Uber a “super travel app”.

It is already possible to order a taxi or food via Uber. In Great Britain, a new post is laying the groundwork to make Uber a “super travel app”.


In Germany, a driver can be organized via the Uber app.

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  • As Uber’s business in the UK is booming, the offer is expanding.

  • Brits can now also book their flights in the app.

  • The company’s goal is that an entire trip can be booked in the future, regardless of the type of transport.

The Uber app makes it easy to order a car to take you to your desired destination. Now the app has been launched in the UK extended by one function. Tours can now also be booked.

According to a report in the Financial Times, the company wants to become a “premium travel app” that enables customers to book an entire trip using several modes of transportation.

‘Our most ambitious move’

“The launch of commercial flight bookings is the latest and most ambitious step in our company’s strategy to grow our core ride booking business into a more comprehensive travel booking platform,” Andrew Bremm, Uber’s UK general manager, told the newspaper.

In the past it was in the Uber app Already implemented a ticketing system for local trains and Eurostar trains and buses in the UK. Train bookings in particular are already proving “incredibly popular” with customers, Bremm said, up 40 per cent month-on-month since they were launched last year. He did not give an exact number.

Benefits for Uber and customers

Uber has partnered with a travel booking company for the ride booking system and receives a commission on each sale. According to the Financial Times, such plans have been in place for several years, but have been delayed by the pandemic. previous attemptTo introduce flights under the name “Uber Copter” in 2020.

For Uber, one of the advantages of the new business is that the additional booking option will attract more users to the app. The advantage for users is that they benefit from a discounted ride to the airport when they book an Uber ride. According to the Financial Times, about 15 percent of all Uber bookings are due to airport rides. Andrew Bremm hopes the company can expand flight booking to other modes of transport, including flights to more countries. However, there are no concrete plans yet.

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