‘Bridgerton’: How Queen Charlotte and King George from the Netflix song relate to King Charles

Much was invented at Bridgerton and Queen Charlotte. But royal couple Charlotte and George really did exist. So they are the ancestors of the newly crowned King Charles – but what exactly is the relationship?

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The large Bridgerton family is the product of the imagination of novelist Julia Quinn, who created the Bridgerton series. But the royals from the Netflix series Bridgerton, as well as Queen Charlotte: The Bridgerton Story, were real — and while their story is hugely dramatic, many elements are true. For example, Charlotte (India Amarteview) was a German princess before she married King George III. (Corey Melchrist), who actually suffered from mental disorders, possibly due to a metabolic disease called porphyria.

And who, as a fan of the royal family, watched not only the new spin-off of “Bridgerton”, but also the telecast of the coronation of King Charles III. In London, he may have already asked himself: Shouldn’t Charlotte, George, and Charles be related? Of course they are – For the dynasty of queens and kings of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has not been broken for centuries.

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Charlotte lived from 1744 to 1818, George from 1738 to 1820. Despite his illness, the king lived to a ripe old age – which can also be seen in “Bridgerton”, when the aging Queen Charlotte (Golda Rochevel) was forced to manage state affairs alone because her husband did not Longer has enough mind, but she is not a widow. In fact, she died two years ago before her husband.

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King Charles was born in 1948. As you can see, there are a few years and therefore generations in between: Charles, who was crowned King in Westminster Abbey on May 6, 2023, is the great-grandson of Queen Charlotte and King George!

George and Charlotte’s succession to the throne was bumpy

In “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story,” the Queen’s succession is a very big topic. She gave birth to George 15 children, but there were no royal descendants for a long time. It was Edward who gave Charlotte and George a granddaughter: Victoria, who later became the famous Queen Victoria.

Edward himself had never sat on the throne. However, his brothers George IV and William IV, who each ruled for a period of time, had no legitimate living descendants to inherit. So their niece Victoria became the next queen.

Even today there are Charlotte and George with the royal family

And if the names Charlotte and George sound familiar not only from Bridgerton, but also from the current British aristocracy: They are the names of the first and second children of Crown Prince William and his wife Kate. Any descendants of King Charles.

Born in 2013, Prince George Alexander Louis, Prince of Wales, is now second in line to the British throne after his father, William. If nothing interferes, he will eventually become king – Then another George sat on the British throne. His sister, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales, was born in 2015.

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