June 14, 2024

U-turn: Fracking is banned in Great Britain

U-turn: Fracking is banned in Great Britain

New British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continues to clean up the policies of his predecessor Liz Truss. The fracking ban, which the Truss government wanted to lift due to rapidly rising energy prices, is now in place. This was confirmed by the government spokesperson.

Sunak had earlier hinted at the move in Parliament. Sunak told a respondent in the House of Commons that his government was sticking to the Conservative party’s election platform. In it, the Tories are committed to a freeze imposed in 2019.

Using pressure and chemicals to extract gas or oil from rock formations poses environmental hazards. This method is banned in Germany.

Labor did not believe in the new trend

Truss, the prime minister at the time, and his economy minister Jacob Rees-Mogg, who resigned after Sunak was appointed prime minister, announced a month ago that they were lifting the ban. To strengthen energy security, all options should be explored, they argued. However, the move also caused controversy within the Conservative Party. Several Tory MPs indicated that people in their constituencies opposed the system.

However, the opposition Labor Party did not believe Sunak’s face. Last week, Labor climate leader Ed Miliband said Chung had voted against the ban tabled by Labor in parliament. “Whatever their final position, the truth is the Tories have shown they can’t be trusted on fracking,” Miliband said.

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