July 17, 2024

Entry permit to Great Britain will soon be mandatory – holiday

Entry permit to Great Britain will soon be mandatory – holiday

– The UK plans to introduce an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). It is an electronic permit to enter the country from 2024 onwards. It is comparable to eTA Canada, ESTA USA, NZeTA New Zealand and ETA Australia.

Brexit and the consequences for passenger transport

Before the United Kingdom officially leaves the European Union on January 31, 2020, the question of how to regulate passenger traffic between the island nation and other countries on the European mainland has arisen. Currently, travelers from EU countries including Germany and Austria and some non-EU countries such as Switzerland can enter the UK without first applying for a visa. Passengers from these countries will only need to show their passports upon entry.

In a few years, however, this situation will change, as the UK wants better checks in advance for travelers from the EU, and the EU wants travelers from the UK to undergo regular checks before entry. This will be done through an electronic visa form which must be applied for before departure. Exact details of the new UK ETA have yet to be fully announced, but rough plans can already be guessed at. The EU is also introducing a comparable system called ETIAS.

Example: ESTA USA

With these measures, the UK and the EU are following the example of other countries that already have visa-free entry systems. ESTA USA is one of the most popular examples. The introduction of ESTA means that US authorities can better control who enters the country. As the processing of ESTA applications is fully automated, ESTA is issued much faster than regular visa applications. A person who wants to apply for a visa to the United StatesThat means attending an interview at a US embassy or consulate.

Application Process for ETA

Electronic entry permits are always applied online. Applicants are required to submit some personal information which includes at least passport data and address data. In many countries, additional information is requested, for example your job, your parents, more detailed travel plans and so on. In ESTA form for entry into the United States Also asked about existing social media accounts. It has not yet been announced what information the authorities in the UK will need for ETA. The cost of the application has not been officially decided yet.

Scrutiny of applications and receipt of ETA

Once the application is submitted, it is verified by the automated computer systems of the immigration authorities. Further in-depth investigations may also be carried out in case of inconsistencies such as entries in the criminal record. As a result, undesirable persons may be denied entry into a country. With ESTA USA, this entire process usually only takes a few hours. Once the ESTA application is approved, passport details are entered into the Border Security Agency’s system, allowing applicants to enter the United States with their passports. It is expected that UK ETA applications will be processed in a similar manner in the future.

What does this mean for your next trip to Great Britain?

Currently, EU travelers only need to carry a valid passport when traveling to the UK. The new ETA UK is expected to be introduced in late 2024. When an ETA comes into effect, travelers must already have a valid travel authorization (ETA or visa) at check-in for the plane, ferry or train. Otherwise they will not be allowed to start the journey. So if you are planning a trip to the United Kingdom from 2024 onwards, you should find out more about the entry requirements in advance.

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