June 23, 2024

Tisdale in Canada: buy cake by helicopter

Tisdale in Canada: buy cake by helicopter

Would you rather go to the nearest sweet shop by bike? Or do you want to go fast by car? A man in Canada decided to take a helicopter trip after all.

On the afternoon of July 31, a helicopter landed in a parking lot in the small town of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Police announced now. Upon landing, it was said to have thrown up dust and debris. Some Tisdale residents initially considered a medical emergency due to the helicopter’s red paint, according to reports. “guardian”. But that turned out to be a mistake.

Police said: “The investigation showed that the landing was not an emergency. One of the helicopter passengers left the plane and went to a nearby fast food restaurant to buy an ice cream cake.” With the passenger the volume should be loud. CBC I acted for a woman.

“I thought someone must be hungry”

Police then identified the pilot as a 34-year-old man from the city of Leroy, about 140 kilometers away. She added that he had a helicopter pilot’s license but was not allowed to land in the parking lot. The man has to appear in court in September.

The mayor of Tisdale also commented on the unusual incident in his city. “Well, I thought someone must be hungry,” Al Jellicoe said on CBC. But no one was hurt because the parking lot was empty at the time of landing. “I think that doesn’t make it right,” says Jellicoe. According to the police, there are schools and a swimming pool near the parking lot.

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