July 16, 2024

UK: Tories discuss scrapping truce policy

UK: Tories discuss scrapping truce policy

Liz Truss has only been in office for a short time. But after days of political and economic turmoil, even within his own party, voices are growing that he finds intolerable, according to British media.

She’s been in office for less than a month, but new British Prime Minister Liz Truss has had a more than bumpy start: The British pound collapsed after she presented her budget plan. The polls fell short of the coin, and King Charles III recently welcomed Truss to his weekly audience with the words: “Go back again. Oh dear, dear.”

Now support in their own party seems to be waning: a report times According to the Conservative Party, opposition to the dress code is growing. Leading Tories are discussing replacing him after just over a month as prime minister, the paper writes.

There are considerations for setting up a joint candidate. A deal between former finance minister Rishi Sunak and Tory leader Benny Mordant suggests a deal is possible. times Quoting senior members of the party. Both lost the internal race for party leadership due to the truss. A “council of elders” made up of dozens of former cabinet members is poised to ask Truss to step down.

The Prime Minister has been facing heavy criticism for weeks. This was due to Finance Minister Kwasi Kwarteng’s budget, which was financed only with debt and triggered severe turmoil in financial markets. As opposition came not only from outside but also from within their own party, Truss and Quarteng also withdrew the elimination of the 45 percent tax rate.

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Now another reversal is possible. The new government actually wanted to scrap the rise in corporate tax from 19 to 25 percent, which was decided by Truss’ predecessor Boris Johnson and was scheduled for April 2023. Again Guardians writes, increase comes above all.

Markets are doing well, but Trudeau is going nowhere with voters. In a study conducted by the Ugov Opinion Research Institute times 50 percent are in favor of ousting Druss, while only nine percent support the head of government.