April 13, 2024

This country is the most interested in women's football

This country is the most interested in women’s football

An assessment of Google data showed which country has the highest interest in women’s football research – Germany ranks only 22nd.

Almost every second in Germany you search for information every day with the help of the Internet search engine Google. The growing enthusiasm for women’s football is also reflected in the research behavior of Germans. Interest in research has been steadily increasing since 2004 (the peak point of the 2015 World Cup).

The data available exclusively for t-online by Google shows the questions that Germans write in the search field about women’s football. They featured the most searched European Championship team, the most frequently searched German player on Google, and in which country a lot of people are relatively excited about women’s football.

The most important questions about women’s football

1. How long has women’s soccer been around?
2. Why isn’t women’s soccer so popular?
3. How much do you earn in women’s soccer?
4. Why is men’s soccer more popular than women’s soccer?
5. Who broadcasts women’s football (today)?

Which German player is most sought after?

In Germany, June 22-29, 2022


Google Trends sets terms as “most searched” and which users have frequently entered into a Google search.

1. Almut Schulte
2. Julia Gwen
3. Leah Schuler
4. Jules Brand
5. Lina Oberdorf

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