June 20, 2024

The VÖZ Science and Media Sponsorship Award goes to Nicholas Tauber

© Gabriel Alarcón / Rezar Photography / Nicholas Tauber

APA Editor Nicholas Tauber received a VÖZ Science and Media Sponsorship Award for his contribution to the impacts of climate change on glaciers in Austria.

For the fourteenth time, the Austrian Newspaper Association (VÖZ) has awarded the Sponsorship Award for outstanding scientific and journalistic work in the field of science and media. With Education Secretary Martin Polaszek in attendance, Nikolaus Tauber, editor of APA’s cultural/science/media editorial team and part of APA since 2003, was among this year’s honorees. Its reports cover topics from all scientific disciplines. In recent years, a particular focus has been on the area of ​​climate change.

The contribution for which Täuber was awarded the Sponsorship Award also fits into this field. Last August, Tauber spoke to glaciologist Andrea Fischer of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) along with colleagues from the photo and video editing team at Gamtal Glacier in Tyrol about the dimensions of the “rapid loss of glaciers” in the wake of the climate crisis. And the dangerous effects of rapid dissolution. The text concludes that the speed at which glaciers are retreating is surprising even to science, and there is a need, among other things, to rethink early warning systems, disaster funds and construction measures. Current projections, the award-winning article continues, assume that glaciers in the Eastern Alps will be a thing of the past by 2050 at the latest.

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Tauber still sees room for science journalism to be presented more prominently: “I am of the opinion that scientific content can and should be given more importance and space in the Austrian media landscape.” For example, the APA has consolidated climate reports into an interdepartmental panel with members from all specialist areas for several years.

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Award-winning article on APA-Science: “Climate change is eroding Alpine glaciers at an unprecedented rate

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