May 18, 2024

The United States expels Russian diplomats

The United States expels Russian diplomats

aThe US government expelled ten Russian diplomats in response to a piracy attack blamed on Moscow. On Thursday, the White House said there were also five Russian intelligence service employees among the diplomats from representation in Washington. In addition, many people and organizations are subject to sanctions. The White House said that US banks will also be banned from trading the new Russian national debt, which will be issued from mid-June.

Six Russian technology companies that support the Russian intelligence services are subject to sanctions. In addition, the White House said 32 people and organizations who tried to influence the US elections would be punished by order of Moscow.

Eight other people or companies, in consultation with the Allies, including the European Union, will be sanctioned for Russia’s continued occupation of Crimea. The transatlantic community stands united on Ukraine and calls on Russia to stop the recent deployment of forces along the border and stop its aggressive rhetoric.

Biden proposes meetings to Putin

The National Security Adviser to US President Joe Biden, Jake Sullivan, had previously said in an interview with CNN radio that the goal is “to provide a meaningful and credible answer, but not to let the situation escalate.” He said that these are “appropriate” measures to defend US interests. Sullivan said the United States and Russia, despite their differences, could work together on various issues, such as disarmament issues, and have a “stable and predictable relationship.” “We can find a path that does not create a cycle of confrontation,” Sullivan told CNN.

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