July 12, 2024

David Walters being banished at a bar: Don’t you have a smartphone?  No beer!

David Walters being banished at a bar: Don’t you have a smartphone? No beer!

He doesn’t have a smartphone – which is why 78-year-old David Walters never got a beer at the bar. The Angel Of Corbridge Pub has now apologized for refusing entry to the old man. It was a mistake, the restaurant in Corbridge, England, declared via Instagram: “Everyone is welcome at The Angel. We will personally apologize to David and invite him for some free drinks at home.”

The background to this is that visitors to pubs must notify their presence via the NHS app upon entry. You can also submit your requests via the app.

But since Walters did not have a smartphone, he was unable to check in via the app – and thus was not allowed into the pub. After being denied entry, he complained publicly. “It was awful. Old people like me don’t have those computer skills because we grew up without computers,” Walters told Diem. “telegraph”.

Age UK announced that many seniors could do the same as Walters. Check-in or even ordering via the app will exclude about half of people between the ages of 65 and 74 from visiting restaurants and two-thirds of people over the age of 75.

Government regulations require guests to include contact details. However, it is expressly stated that check-in should not be dependent on the use of technical devices. In the Official governmental guidelines They say that there should be an alternative to the app for visitors who do not have a smartphone, for example a paper-based list that people can register on. Obviously, there was no such thing as David Walter’s failed angel visitation.

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In England, restaurants have been allowed to open their overseas areas again since Monday, after months of closure. Congestion was huge, and several bars were booked for weeks.