London appoints Russia’s ambassador for cyberattacks, and Ukraine appoints Nuremberg

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Due to cyber attacks and the massive increase in forces on the border with Ukraine by Russia, Great Britain summoned the Russian ambassador on Thursday. The Foreign Office in London said on Thursday that there was a “pattern of malign activity” in the government in Moscow. These include “cyberattacks, interference in democratic processes, and the mobilization of forces near the Ukrainian border and in the Crimean Peninsula that has been illegally annexed.” British support for the recently imposed US sanctions on Moscow was also transferred to the Russian ambassador.

In the meeting with Under Secretary Philip Barton, the Russian ambassador was informed that Great Britain suspects Russian intelligence services were behind the SolarWind cyber attack that was revealed in December. “The ambassador has been informed that the United Kingdom will continue to work with its allies to expose the malicious activities of the Russian intelligence agencies and take action against them.”

The British Foreign Office said that the Russian troop movements along the Ukrainian border and in the Crimea “threaten and destabilize”. “Russia must end its provocations and calm the tensions.”

On Thursday, the United States imposed new sanctions on Moscow and expelled ten Russian diplomats. The reason presented by the White House was alleged Russian interference in the 2020 US elections, the SolarWinds cyberattack, the annexation of Crimea and other “harmful” activities by Russia.

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