April 13, 2024

The Spanish village of Salto de Castro for sale, 260,000 euros - Panorama

The Spanish village of Salto de Castro for sale, 260,000 euros – Panorama

– 6,600 square meters for 260,000 euros: a Spaniard offers an entire village for sale. The benefit is huge. Will the Lost Place soon become a tourist hotspot?

A small village in Spain on the border with Portugal is for sale. Complete, i.e. includes school, church, hotel, public swimming pool and barracks building. Only without residents, there is no more in Salto de Castro.

Anyone who wants to become the village chief of Salto de Castro has to pay only €260,000. There is at most one small apartment in Spanish cities. However, the demand for alternative living accommodation in the county has been somewhat low in recent decades. The place has been deserted for 40 years, according to reports BBC. The current owner bought the village in the early 2000s with plans to “build a hotel here, but the project has been shelved,” said Ronnie Rodriguez. BBC.

Hundreds of potential buyers

Rodríguez works for Royal Invest, which represents the owner on the sales platform Idealista.com Represent. But as is known, the deferral is not lifted: according to Rodriguez, the owner still wants to revive the village. As he explains in his ad: “I am selling because I am a city dweller and cannot take care of the upkeep of the village.” And the chances are good: hundreds of interested people have already signed up. According to Rodriguez, potential buyers come from Russia, France, Belgium and the UK.

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Salto de Castro was built in the 1950s by an energy company for its employees. However, after the dam project was completed, residents gradually moved out of 44 housing units. The place is always worth seeing: it is located on a river in a natural mountainous area. The surrounding natural park is also a popular destination.