December 7, 2023

Joe Biden Tried to Intervene in Northern Ireland, Now Tells Us What to Do with Fra|  United kingdom

Joe Biden Tried to Intervene in Northern Ireland, Now Tells Us What to Do with Fra| United kingdom

After Australia signed the AUKUS agreement, which cost France about £48 billion in lost revenue from building 12 conventional diesel submarines, the United States asked Great Britain to settle its differences with Paris. After the previous attempt to interfere with the UK and EU negotiations over the Northern Ireland Protocol, this is yet another example of the US extending its foreign policy arms far beyond its borders.

After the agreement between the United Kingdom, the United States, and Australia was signed, high-ranking American diplomats, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, rushed to Paris and Brussels to dispel any resentment among the French against Washington.

Mr. Blinken met his counterpart Jean-Yves Le Drian, while US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with his counterpart Emmanuel Bonn.

French President Emmanuel Macron will meet President Biden on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Rome.

American diplomats are now concerned about why the British have not tried to emulate their diplomatic version and fill in the loopholes.

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A US diplomat said: “We were hoping to get a three-legged chair from Britain, Europe and the US, but we need to do more turntable and talk as we deal with the democracies in Europe separately. And the UK and Asia.”

The anonymous diplomat feels that the British will think more strategically about their relations with Europe in the post-Brexit era.

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Since the AUKUS deal was secretly struck at the request of the Australians, Washington has been ambivalent about how to deal with the fallout.

Some have argued that the French should continue to participate, while others contemplate the idea that the French are now in control of Europe after Angela Merkel has left Germany.

However, the French played their card with the United States, taking advantage of the embarrassment caused by the United States, which acknowledged that more discussion and transparency should have taken place.

Since the agreement, the French have negotiated many beneficial benefits with Washington, including a strengthening of the European defense pillar within NATO, stronger US cooperation in the Sahel, and recognition of the legitimacy of the EU’s role in the Indo-Pacific, a new focus. hot spot.

None of these relations or concessions were made between the French, the British, and the Australians.

Since the French referred to the British in the AUKUS agreement as “young partners”, France’s words toward Australia have been more open and open.

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French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that Australia “leapt into the unknown by choosing to use technologies that Australians cannot and will not control in the future. In doing so, they are fully exposing themselves to the evolution of US policy. I wish our Australian partner, who justified his decisions on security grounds by escalating tensions.” With China – at the expense of his lordship, not to know later that he sacrificed both.

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French President Emmanuel Macron lost the deal and launched a flurry of volatile rhetoric and tough action against Washington and Canberra.

Not only has the president called the deal a “stab in the back” and summoned the French chiefs of missions in Australia and the United States, he also threatened to veto the EU-Australia trade deal and the English Channel fishing ban. right.

While Emmanuel Macron still rejects the deal, the European Union is now beginning to approach the issue with greater caution.

For Joe Biden, upcoming events such as COP26 and the G20 will prove to be an important venue for diplomacy and reconciliation, however, it is clear that Britain is well on its way to playing a global role, contributing and Joe Biden’s advice is likely to be set aside. After the United States left the United Kingdom at the bottom of trade deals