June 14, 2024

Bob Iger war 15 Jahre lang Disney-Chef gewesen. Foto: Mark J. Terrill/AP/dpa

Entertainment Group: Disney’s Changing Boss: Bob Iger Returns

A former Parks official, Chapek took over in 2020 as the preferred successor to Iger. Disney preferred him to broadcast chief Kevin Mayer, who had hoped for the lead position. Mayer left the group and was the interim president of the video platform Tiktok.

Reports: A dispute between Chapek and Iger

Recently, however, Chapek and Iger have been feuding, according to media reports. The CNBC commercial reported that the tensions began early on with an interview with Iger, in which he promised Chapek’s support in navigating the coronavirus pandemic. However, the new president felt the strong patronage of his predecessor, she said, citing knowledgeable people.

Egger was also Chapek’s main supervisor as chairman of the board and only left that position eleven months ago. A factor in the dispute was also a corporate restructuring that Chapek implemented, in which budgetary responsibility was centralized, CNBC reported back in March. As a result, Disney was able to make decisions more quickly, but individual department heads lost too much freedom to spend and were dissatisfied, she said.

Disney’s handling of a feud with actress Scarlett Johansson was also unfortunate under Chapek. She sued the company for lost revenue after her film “Black Widow” was released online during the coronavirus pandemic. Disney responded by saying that Johansson had already received $20 million. The dispute was settled out of court, but it left the company in bad shape.

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