The robot selfie was auctioned for $ 700,000

Sophia painted her portrait over a portrait of herself by Bonasito. (Screen capture: Twitter)


A self-portrait of Sophia’s humanoid robots has been auctioned for $ 700,000.

The buyer on the Nifty Gateway auction platform is a digital artist working under the pseudonym 888. For $ 688,888 (currently around 582,600 euros) he got the picture that Sophia painted with a brush in her mechanical hand. This also included a short video clip digitally signed by NFT.

NFT is currently experiencing a boom: A copy of digital artist Beeple collage was recently sold with it for $ 69.3 million. NFT (Non-Exchangeable Token) is similar to digital certificates of authenticity, the authenticity of which is secured by the blockchain data chain of the Etherium cryptocurrency.

Sophia was introduced in 2016 by Japanese company Hanson Robotics and has been seen at various conferences in recent years. The robot is modeled on a human being and tries, among other things, to mimic facial expressions when speaking. In Germany, Sophia spoke to Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2018.

Hanson Robotics has brought in painter Andrea Bonaceto for its self-portraits project, as the company announced Friday. Sophia painted her portrait over a portrait of herself by Bonasito. In the accompanying video, the two images are merged.

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