The Queen communicates with her staff using secret gestures.

The Queen communicates with her staff using secret gestures.

Is there any code that you know of? Queen Elizabeth II (95) ruled the United Kingdom for 69 years. As regent of the United Kingdom, she has to go through many receptions and visits. Since the king’s time is limited, such appointments and their timing must be planned very carefully. It is useful that the Queen can communicate with her staff without words: it seems that the head of state has a special tool for this.

If you believe internet star Luke Davidson, the Queen’s handbag is at the forefront of communication: “When the bag moves from one hand to the other, it expresses her desire to end a conversation,” he says in one of his TikTok videos. On the other hand, if the guardian leaves her appendix on the floor, she wishes that someone would help her leave a conversation, as they say.

How often these symbols should be used, however, is uncertain. The Queen seems to have mastered all public appearances, at least outwardly, and doesn’t seem to need any help. This was also the case on that day, when I cut a cake with a sword in an unconventional way.

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