April 25, 2024

Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and Australia

Free Trade Agreement between the United Kingdom and Australia

For the first time since Brexit, Great Britain has signed a fully renegotiated trade agreement with Australia.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reached a free trade agreement with fellow Australian Scott Morrison. It is used by manufacturers of cars and whiskey, for example.

Johnson said, “This is important from an economic point of view, there is no doubt about it. I will not exaggerate the overall growth of our gross domestic product that will result from this, but I think it is more important both politically and symbolically. Today marks a new dawn in the relationship between the UK and Australia”. We open up to each other.”

The Australian Prime Minister said: “Australian standards are very high and we are well respected around the world for our standards in animal welfare. We are very proud of the way we treat animal cruelty. We are at the forefront of this.”

However, the Australia deal is controversial in Great Britain. Farmers’ associations fear duty-free imports of meat from Australia could harm British sheep and cattle farmers.

The treaty also provides for British youth under the age of 35 to be given more freedom to live and work in Australia.

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