June 23, 2024

The lockdown may not end until the "Spring Session"

The lockdown may not end until the “Spring Session”

Despite the decrease in the number of coronavirus cases, the Federal Council is likely to remain strict on several coronavirus restrictions for the time being, according to press reports on Sunday. The opening is likely to be very hesitant, according to “New Zealand” newspaper. Sunday” With reference to a person familiar with the environment in the Federal Council. “There will be a relaxation, especially in the symbolic realm,” she said.

In restaurants, chairs will have to stay on tables for a moment. (Avatar: Keystone)

At most, there will be “one or two desserts” in March. In March, she added, only individual shops, zoos and museums were allowed to reopen. The Federal Council fears that virus mutations will increase daily infections with the Coronavirus, starting in March.

Basel canton physician, Thomas Stephen, is also giving no hope of any relief soon. On Saturday he tweeted: “We will (…) likely reach a point in the spring where vaccination can reduce the burden of disease sufficiently so that we can then gradually reduce measures accordingly.”

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