German climate gum now lives on unemployment benefits

One of Germany’s most famous climate posters now has more time to deal with the fight against climate change. Christian Bloul has been fired by his employer, the Dresden IT company.

No problem for the 41-year-old, says Sachsen-Francaine Dresden. “I have been working for twelve years and now I am getting financial support from the employment agency.”

The dismissal has other positive effects on the software developer. “I now have more time for other climate campaigns,” says the 41-year-old.

So far, he has used his holidays for planned protests across Europe. The Saxon had to go to prison in Sweden.

The father-of-two wants to use his newly gained time for a new campaign next week. In Dresden, he wants to start another sticker campaign with the “Last Generation” group.

But how can the 41-year-old pay the numerous fines he has incurred? To date, his penalty orders have already added up to €20,000.

“So far I have paid for it with my savings – now I am also hoping for donations. But if that doesn’t come often, I’ll have to pay rats bus fares for years,” says Balloul.

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