September 30, 2023

The last generation: climate stickers obscure airports

Airport climate poster

“Who will pay for my flight cancellation now?” – The passenger is annoyed by the climate sticker

Activists of the “last generation” closed, on Thursday morning, the airports in Hamburg and Dusseldorf. This also had negative effects on Swiss travellers.


Activists plastered themselves on the runway at Hamburg Airport.

last generation

  • Climate labels closed two airports in Germany on Thursday morning.

  • Many flights have been cancelled.

  • Zurich Airport was also affected.

“The appointment was made with our supplier in Dusseldorf for several months and now my flight with Eurowings has been cancelled,” an exasperated news anchor told 20 Minutes. Reason for his anger: “Last Generation” group climate poster Airports in Dusseldorf and Hamburg were closed on Thursday morning. This also had an effect on flight operations at Zurich Airport.

The traveler misses an important private appointment

they wrote on Twitter Climate glue On Action: “We protest the lack of planning and the government’s violation of the law in the climate crisis.” A spokesman for the Hamburg police situation center confirmed an operation at the airport. According to the “Last Generation” group, the activists were able to reach the airport site through the security fence.

“Sticking yourself to the runway of an airport is against all common sense.”

Scout news affected by flight cancellation

“I understand that we have to take care of our planet and do something to stop global warming. However, sticking to the tarmac goes against all logic,” the scouting news continues. He can make up for the missed appointment in Dusseldorf. The passenger who was with me at the gate was supposed to fly to Hamburg for an important family event. This can now be missed due to weather stickers. I have absolutely no understanding of that,” continues the news scout. The news scout also wonders who is now paying for his canceled flight.

This is what the airlines say

On a 20-minute request, the Swiss confirmed that the LX1050 flight was delayed. No cancellation, but the protest actions had an effect on our morning flight to Hamburg. The LX1050 was supposed to take off at 7.10 am and take off in the direction of Hamburg with a delay of about three hours. “We regret the inconvenience caused to our passengers,” said Michael Stief, a media spokesperson for Switzerland.

Eurowings confirmed the failure of a plane flying from Zurich to Dusseldorf 20 minutes earlier: “Our morning flight had to be canceled due to the climate blockade. Other flights from Zurich to Dusseldorf will not be affected,” said Florian Granzdorfer, Eurowings press spokesman. Passengers hope in vain for compensation.”If a flight has to be delayed or canceled due to these restrictions, the airline will not have to pay compensation, because this is an exceptional circumstance,” Grinsdorfer continued.

You have these rights in the event of a flight cancellation or delay

In principle, according to the Air Passenger Rights Act, passengers are entitled to a refund for their ticket. You can also choose an alternative transportation to your destination. “The protests by the ‘last generation’ climate stickers are most likely an exceptional circumstance, as the airlines themselves are not responsible for the resulting flight cancellations,” Claudia Brosch, a passenger rights expert, said in a statement from Flightright.

If passengers choose an alternative mode of transportation to their destination, the airline is still obligated to get them to their destination as quickly as possible. It can also use flights from other airlines or buses and trains.

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Compensation is generally high

If the airline is responsible for delays, rebookings, and flight cancellations, passengers are entitled to compensation. Depending on the distance, a delay of three hours or more will incur €250 for shorter routes, €400 for routes between 1,500 and 3,500 km and €600 for trips over 3,500 km. In the event of a delay, the airline must take care of catering, provide the possibility of making phone calls or sending emails and, if necessary, also pay for one night’s accommodation. You can find a detailed overview here.

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