The largest moon ever seen between Canada and Russia? No!

A situation that each of you may have experienced before: You are standing somewhere in the middle and filming the blue sky (because you do that), when suddenly a big moon appears on the horizon and actually runs the race. The sky, anxious with the sound effect of a short solar eclipse, disappears again. Glad you filmed it on your cell phone as an undeniable source!

Video like this is currently being shared extensively on WhatsApp.

That video has been shared on WhatsApp

It is said to have been shot into the Arctic Circle between Canada and Russia, which is thought to have occurred in Perigee (the point closest to the Moon Earth).
However, this is utter nonsense, the video is a CGI artwork and also available as NFT!

This video is already November / December 2021 and Became Many On Web light Uploaded:

It first gained widespread traction in May 2021 when a Kenyan politician shared the words “Glory to God’s own creation”:


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But God did not create this big moon CGI artist Alexei BadrovHe offers his video called “Supermoon” for NFT for around 400 (see) Here)

Alexei has already announced May 30, 2021 On TwitterTo present its giant moon CGI artwork for sale on the NFT platform:


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On his Instagram account There are many videos including some of the best works by CGI artist In a YouTube video See:


The video is not up to date and was not created between Russia and Canada, but on the computer of CGI artist Aleksey Patrev.

More interesting:

A spiral shape is clearly visible in the sky – a scene that can be straight from a particular horror manga! But how did she get there?
உசுமாகி? Mystery whirl in the sky!

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