May 22, 2024

The Labor Party in Great Britain: A United Quest for Power

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Two by-elections in Great Britain show Labor struggling for power as a united front. Nothing emerged from the intra-party dispute over the correct Gaza policy. Comment

It is no longer news in Great Britain that the Conservative Party is losing by-elections. Tired and out of ideas, the ruling party led by Rishi Sunak is teetering on the brink of defeat in new elections this year. It also has to do with the feeling given by this highly successful team that was once focused on winning. Local party branches nominate unqualified candidates, and headquarters cannot interfere. The lower house division breaks into new groups. Failed former prime minister Liz Truss is actively campaigning for a comeback, and an influential lobby group wants Boris Johnson back.

Labor candidate General Kitchen after a landslide victory in the Wellingborough by-election. © AFP

The contrast could not be greater against Labour, the only alternative to the British majority vote system. A win-hungry team gathers in discipline around captain Keir Starmer. The former chief prosecutor is uncharitable, appears reluctant and more cautious in the dispute over the correct Gaza policy than the base would like. But this criticism did not reach the outside world. Labor strives for power as a united front.

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