May 19, 2024

The former Manchester United star reveals the 'secret airport' that only UK footballers can use

Ben Foster revealed the airport secret that only the rich and famous seem to know.

The former Manchester United and England goalkeeper explained how players travel to and from away matches.

Ben Foster has revealed how players travel to away matchesCredit: FozCast
Foster played for clubs such as Manchester United, West Bromwich and WatfordCredit: Getty

Foster (40 years old) spent seven seasons at West Bromwich, where the team achieved most of Birmingham Airport's secret.

he said to him wincast show: “How will it work when we travel to away games, where you go to Birmingham Airport but there is a side section where the cargo planes land

“It's like a private station, basically.

“We would all arrive in our cars, literally park on the airstrip, and go to the private terminal.

“Show them your passport and you will board the plane in 20 minutes.”

When they land at their destination, the team bus will already be there to pick them up.

“He would be on the runway waiting for us, it was amazing,” Foster said.

The team usually heads either to the team hotel or directly to the stadium.

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Foster ended his Wrexham career last summer after helping the club gain promotion to League Two.

He revealed that despite their low position in the football pyramid, they would sometimes travel on a private jet funded by their owners, Hollywood duo Ryan Reynolds and Rob McIlhenney.