June 19, 2024

Freeski World Championship in Aspen - Halfpipe went to Porteous and Gu - Sport

Freeski World Championship in Aspen – Halfpipe went to Porteous and Gu – Sport

  • Niko Porteous from New Zealand is the world champion in freestyle.
  • In the women’s category, China won Eileen Jo.
  • The only Swiss player in the final, Rafael Krähenbühl, is 6 years old.

Of the 10 participants in the men’s final, only 4 managed to pass the first round. Raphael Krähenbühl, the only Swiss to reach the finals, was one of them. In the end, his 71.50 points were enough for the 21-year-old from Davos to finish sixth – the best result of his career.

Gold went to New Zealander Nico Porteus. The 19-year-old can no longer exceed 94.50 points in the first round. Simon Dartois came from Canada, closest to him in the second round, with 91.25 points. Bronze medal winner Burke Irving (USA) also showed his best lead at the start with 89.75 points.

A two-time Olympic champion has failed three times

David Wise, the US Olympic champion of 2014 and 2018, surprisingly dropped last, the brutal referee in the three-round disappointing the 30-year-old was 4.75, 30.75 and 28.50 points.

Unchallenged Gu

Eileen Jo, who started from China, was a favorite of women. In the first round, she confirmed her ambitions for the title with 93 points. In the end it turned out to be the wins, although the 17-year-old also had the highest score in the second round with 92.50 points.

Rachel Karker, the best in qualifying, took the silver with 91.75 points in the last round. The bronze went to Zoe Atkin of Great Britain, who showed the second best performance in the second and third half with 89.00 and 90.50 points respectively.

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The women’s competition took place without Swiss participation.