June 23, 2024

The first seals lived in London for over 400 years

The first seals lived in London for over 400 years

For the first time in 400 years, Beavers is set to return to London. The Enfield Borough Council said a couple had been dropped off at Fordy Hall Farm in the north of the British capital.

The district board released two videos showing the animals being released. பெண் Our female otter was a little more confident, but eventually she moved into her new home as well. Welcome to Enfield! ” Said a tweet.

Animals must contribute to the restoration of natural river landscapes. Environmentalists hope that offspring will be born in 2023. To protect seals, the six-hectare enclosure will not be open to the public. The district runs the program in conjunction with the Environment School Cable Manor College, where its students must monitor the animals.

The Beavers were once British natives, but were hunted and destroyed for their fur and meat. Animals are currently being settled across the country. Germany is still a long way off: many beavers now live in large parts of the country and in cities like Berlin.

Enfield County wants to reintroduce other breeds such as the Cossacks, and is exploring ways to build Kingfisher nests and support the barbel farm.

Tweet the Enfield Council about the Beaver release

Female beaver release

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