At the Cross-Country Skiing World Championships in Canada, medalist Willie (76) won gold three times in 5 minutes.

It was for the Masters World Championships in Conmore, Canada Willie Semerjack Egg First Faker Look at a platform three times. Each time he was able to capture the gold medal. “My idol was so beautiful to me, Andre Groop From France, “Tschemernjak says in an interview of 5 minutes.

A long and successful life

Apart from these, Tschemernjak has had many successes in both sports and professional. “In my long cross-country skiing career, I have already won 71 Carinthian and Austrian championship titles for the Rosenbach Sports Club,” he continues. In addition to these and other sporting achievements, Tschmernzak was also selected as one of Austria’s most famous chefs.

Listen to the national anthem once

“This time I was preparing myself to get on stage because once I wanted to hear the national anthem for myself, now I can do it three times. It’s a very special feeling for an athlete,” he proudly tells us. In the ten-kilometer, five-kilometer and over-15-kilometer races, he was able to finish first in cross country skiing.

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