February 22, 2024

“The Crowd of Color”: The Test of Popularity for King Charles

The British royal family is haunted by the dark past of slavery. Charles III is still the head of state of 15 countries. But the property myth is crumbling.

06/15/2023 | 29:41 minutes

Hardly anyone could be seen under the low slung bearskin hats. But one of them must be King Charles in uniform when his regiments parade in honor of his birthday on Saturday.

Charles’ birthday parade – in June instead of November

The regiments personally assigned to the King take part in the traditional Trooping the Colour birthday parade: 1,400 soldiers, 200 horses and 400 musicians on the grounds of the Whitehall Horse Guards Parade. in central London.

No one knows exactly when the ritual became a birthday celebration for kings and queens. It is believed to have been around 1748. The parade takes place in June to avoid the notoriously bad-weather royal birthday months: the Queen’s birthday in April, Charles’ birthday in mid-November. Thousands will gather at the parade route again this time. Or buy tickets for audience categories – about 35 euros. The dress code applies not only to participating soldiers, but also to visitors: please do not wear jeans or sandals!

Things don’t always go according to protocol: due to the heat in London, musicians from the Royal Guard have collapsed:

Several musicians from the Royal Guard collapsed at a parade in London.

06/11/2023 | 00:36 min

More from the Royal Family album than the parade

Over the years, the family’s final appearances on the famous balcony of Buckingham Palace have told of the fortunes of the House of Windsor – like a family album: Lady Diana first appears in 1981, but then disappears from the picture again at some point.

Kids, new wives, even one for Charles. Prince Andrew’s scandal must now stay out. Harry and Meghan are also out of the game. And this year, there was a photo of the balcony for decades without Queen Elizabeth II, who was there for the first time in 1927 as a baby.

King finally? Charles and the Struggle for Monarchy:

The eternal heir to the throne will be King Charles III in September 2022. Become. With his coronation, a new era begins in the House of Windsor. How will the monarchy change?

09.05.2023 | 43:34 minutes

More fans or critics of Roadside King?

Charles has been king for nine months now, so it will be especially interesting to see how many stand by for first-time Charles. Or turn on the TV. His popularity ratings are not bad, but they are lower than those of the Queen. Obviously, it was sublime for the opponents of the monarchy to shout loudly.

“Not mine” is now their rallying cry wherever public ceremonies for Charles are held. “Down with the crown.”

Charles’ Burden: The Crown’s Responsibility for Slavery

3.5 million people – mostly from Africa – were sold across the oceans to British slave traders. For their operation on sugar plantations in the Caribbean in Jamaica, Barbados and Grenada. The English royal family got involved and benefited – via the Royal African Company. Some Commonwealth countries in the world league left over from the British Empire, where Charles is still head of state, want to break away from the king. and become a republic. There are movements everywhere demanding an apology and compensation from him.

The former colonies seek redress from the Crown:

The British monarchy is synonymous with glamor and glamour. But there is growing criticism of the crown: the monarchy is doing too little to come to terms with Britain’s colonial history.

06/14/2023 | 06:25 min

Colonial Era: Buckingham Palace Seeks Enlightenment

The Palace authorities are now co-funding a study, led by the University of Manchester, to better explore the colonial era and the role of the Crown. Results not expected before 2026. Unacceptable, look out for Charles’ detractors.
The other inheritors of the UK’s colonial past have long been outdated and tangible: in the net.heirs of slavery“(Heirs to Slavery) Members of British families whose ancestors were involved in the slave trade some seven generations ago have come together. They admit that they also want to be role models for the royal family. And they work for belated justice.
However, the mood during “Trooping the Color” will not be cloudless. Queen Camilla, Princess Catherine and their photo-worthy offspring He’ll smile and wave from a cart. Friends of the monarchy are happy to have a few constants in a turbulent world – like “Trooping the Colour”.

Hilk Petersen heads ZDF Studio in London.