May 18, 2024

The British should eat squirrels – Russian propaganda swears

We have known this for a long time: Russian state propaganda stations are constantly telling all sorts of things, but very rarely the truth. Of course, the goal is not to factually inform the population, but to indoctrinate it in the spirit of Putin. But the latest example is absolutely absurd: Russian government publicist Olga Skabieva claimed that because the British somehow spent all their money (??) on arms sales to Ukraine, they were so desperate that they… ate squirrels. Yes, that’s how we looked too.

“Today it was announced that some restaurants in the former Britain will serve squirrels. Considering that there are large quantities of animals in the parks, why not eat them for lack of food. But they are not shy about helping Zelensky and handing over weapons.”

The claim that Brits eat squirrels is clearly false and based on a distorted representation of one British report on the environmental protection program. the Report recommendedTo reduce gray squirrel populations to protect native red squirrels. a British tabloid report In turn, he stated that the meat of the killed gray squirrels should not be wasted but could be used as food for wildlife or humans. This … does not mean, however, that the British are forced to eat squirrels or that they do so on a regular basis.

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Russians don’t just lie about squirrels

Russian propaganda misinterpreted this report, claiming that the British were so desperate about the post-Brexit economic crisis that they needed to eat squirrels. The presenter also indicated that all the money went to weapons for Ukraine. This is an absurd and indefensible claim intended to tarnish the image of the UK and mislead the public.

Russian state propaganda regularly floods its stations – as well as our channels through its channels – with such fake news. We’ve talked about propaganda many times before:

Or an invented bankruptcy wave:

The current squirrel fake resembles a similar fake story when the Berlin Tiergarten was allegedly cut down for firewood. Because we’re supposed to be very cold after Putin turns off the gas. You always remember our gas storage facilities Still about 2/3 full.

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