June 24, 2024

Taylor Fritz verrät eines seiner größten Ziele

Taylor Fritz reveals one of his biggest goals

World number 20 Taylor Fritz has revealed that his big goal for this year is to break into the top 10. Fritz, 24, started the year on a positive note by progressing to the second week of a Grand Slam at the Australian Open for the first time.

In February, Fritz reached his career best ranking as number 16 in the world. Fritz is currently the second best American player – the first is Riley Opelka, ranked 17th in the world. “I’m not worried about being the #1 American right now,” Fritz told the ATP website.

“I worry about being in the top ten in the world. You just have to keep the end goal in mind and never be satisfied. I think the worst thing you can do is get some good results and then be happy with yourself, happy with what you did, and then Relax a little bit because you’re doing the constant work I’m sick

As for me, I kept telling myself that my goal this year is the top 10 and nothing else.”

Fritz wants to make tennis a ‘cooler sport’ in the US

Although some of the biggest tennis tournaments take place in the United States, tennis is not a high-profile sport for the average sports fan.

Fritz reveals that one of his biggest goals is to make tennis a more interesting sport in the United States. “The details of our sport are so wonderful but nobody really understands it,” Fritz said.

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“Although people know the Grand Slams and the really big ones, people don’t know all the details. One of my biggest goals in my career is to make tennis a more amazing sport in the United States that is more popular with regular fans.

I want ESPN, SportsCenter, to cover American tennis players; Results throughout the year, not just about a few players here and there in the Grand Slam, but “Francis won his game in Queens today” or whatever. I think it would be great to see tennis get that kind of attention.”