May 21, 2024

Tarun Johnson’s stunning 101-yard pads Buffalo Bills

On a night with just a few offensive fireworks, it was apt that the biggest play at the 101-yard interception came back for a drop by Buffalo Bills Cornerback Taron Johnson.

The play tied the longest post-season interception comeback in NFL history, with George Teague in Green Bay (1993, Wild Card).

The Bills had just advanced 10-3 in the third quarter, but the crows were advancing so far and were knocking on the door for a possible in-game landing when Lamar Jackson It didn’t look like he saw Johnson cut from below on a throw in the finish zone.

Johnson, in his third year outside of Weber, was unimpressed when he left for the finish zone, as the fast-paced Jackson was unable to bring him down.

This was Jackson’s first red zone intercept. Entering Saturday Night, he had 49 touchdowns and was not intercepted in the red in his career (playoffs included).

Jackson reached 20.66 mph in an attempt to chase after Johnson, who had a top speed of 20.39 mph during the play. It was the third fastest Lamar ever recorded in his NFL career.

In Week 14, Johnson had reached a top speed of 20.90 mph in his 51 yard car Ben Rothlesberger.