July 16, 2024

Switzerland defeats Great Britain and moves to the quarter-finals

Switzerland defeats Great Britain and moves to the quarter-finals

Group A.

Switzerland – Great Britain 6: 3

With four goals in the second half, Switzerland finished the group stage with a clear 6-3 win over Great Britain and finished the group in at least second place. The Swiss scored two goals within 13 seconds, and converted 2: 2 to 4: 2. With two other goals in a 96-second interval, they built on that progress. Christophe Berchi was the winner of the match with two goals, and Tristan Cheroy made three assists. The other scorers were for Switzerland Niko HescherGigori Hoffman, Roman Spoon, and Sunteri Alatalo. This means that coach Patrick Fisher’s side is top of Group A, but could still be overtaken if Russia defeats Belarus in the evening match.

Swiss captain Rafael Diaz is already looking forward to Thursday’s quarter-final knockout match. “The team feels fine,” said the former National Hockey League defender. “If you look at the games we played, we lost two games against two really good teams. Besides, we worked hard and achieved our wins. But now the group is over and the fun things are starting.”

Tweet from IIHFHockey: Christophe Berchi hit Great Britain with two goals at noon today as Switzerland won their last preliminary match 6-3.

For Great Britain, Liam Kirk, who was picked by Arizona Coyotes in the 2018 NHL draft, was once again a double scorer and dramatically topped the World Cup scorer list with seven goals. “I’m sure I’ll see it when we get out of here, but for me it was the right way to play,” said the 21-year-old striker. “Play hard, play fast. I enjoyed the experience and the main thing is, you have to play for fun, which is why we all play sports. I have to pay tribute to my teammates, they all fought hard and played great matches. He was lucky enough to be at the end of the disc in Good time and income. “

Both teams changed their goalkeepers in the third half. Jackson Wesl replaced Ben Bones, who prevented 41 shots for the British in two-thirds ontouches, while Melvin Neville was used with Ritu Berra.

Group B.

Germany – Latvia 7.15 pm (Mubasher Sport 1)

Other day games:

Group A.

Slovakia – Czech Republic 3:15 pm

Russia – Belarus 7:15 pm

Group B.

Canada-Finland 2: 3 n. P.

Arttu Ruotsalainen (22 and 56) scored twice in normal time and then scored the winning goal in a penalty shootout for Finland over Canada 3-2. Canada may fail in the quarter-finals for the first time in World Cup history if Germany tied Latvia after 60 minutes in the evening and both teams scored. Brandon Perry (2) and Maxime Comtua (29) put Canada first.

Italy – United States 3:15 pm