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Super League - FCSG squanders good chances, Goalie Zigi brilliantly avoids: only 0-0 in relegation battle against Lucerne

Super League – FCSG squanders good chances, Goalie Zigi brilliantly avoids: only 0-0 in relegation battle against Lucerne

Premier League

FCSG misses good chances, faces Goalie Zigi brilliantly: only 0-0 in relegation battle against Lucerne

FC St. Gallen and Lucerne are 0-0 away in a more entertaining match after the break. For the people of eastern Switzerland, this point is not enough to calm the situation a little in the fight against Barrageplatz. Vaduz plays in Lausanne on Sunday. With victory, Liechtenstein beat Lucerne and St. Gallen.

Game rating

The first half is cautious on both sides. The game among the neighbors at the table, who are fighting against the downfall of Barrageplatz, lives mainly from tension, it offers little entertainment. After the break there is more going on. Game score: 4

FC St. Gallen’s position remains tense: Junior striker Adamo after a missed opportunity.

Benjamin Manser

Game analysis

In the first half, you can feel that there is a lot at stake in this game. Both teams play in a controlled manner, and St. Gallen does not attack as usual. However, the Swiss national team dominated the match after a few minutes.

Coach Peter Ziedler made two changes compared to the Cup quarter-finals at Grasshoppers and to showcase another English Week: Thody Élie Youan in Basil’s St Gallen starting lineup for Basil Stillhart, and Kwadwo Dua with Junior Adamu.

Lucerne created a good chance in the fourth minute, but goalkeeper Lawrence Atti Ziggy immediately, and the striker started from an offside position. Central Switzerland leaves the match to St. Gallen, and a few pokes from guests wipe the eastern Switzerland well.

Although St. Gallen is more in possession of the ball and the team is more active, there are few good chances against low-lying Lucerne players. A cross pass by Lucas Gortler in the eleventh minute, but the ball is too high for Jeremy Guillemino. Shortly thereafter, Gortler hit Lucerne goalkeeper Marius Muller with a cross pass.

St Gallen's Betim Vasligi clashes with Lucerne's Ibrahima Ndiaye shortly before the break.

St Gallen’s Betim Vasligi clashes with Lucerne’s Ibrahima Ndiaye shortly before the break.

Christian Mears / Keystone

In the 24th minute, St. Gallen’s best chance comes after a good cross-Duah action: the finish from Jordi Quintillà allows Muller to rebound, Victor Ruiz’s finish is too high. In the 29th minute, a shot from Doaa enters the outside window,

St. Gallen tries relentlessly to find a hole. He’s tough against Lucerne who focuses on not making mistakes. Thus, the guest suddenly became a role model. In the 38th minute, Martin Friedrich fired a long shot into the crossbar. The luck of the people of St. Gallen.

After the break, the game starts with more vigor. St. Gallen now looks a little bolder and does his job aggressively to sixteen meters. Lucerne coach Fabio Celestini made a triple changeover in the 59th minute to include Diane Sorghich, Pascal Schorbef and Farol Tassar.

In the 64th minute, the St. Gallen coach brought in two new powers, with Stillhart and Adamo. The game’s stocks are now a little more balanced, and Lucerne is not as negative as it once was. Eastern Switzerland defends well.

St. Gallen Quadwoo was a prayer after the missed opportunity.

St. Gallen Quadwoo was a prayer after the missed opportunity.

Benjamin Manser

In the 75th minute, St. Gallen had the best chance of this match: Yuan made his way into the penalty area from the left flank, Adamo slipped past Muller, before putting the ball over the goal from a good position. This should have been the inaugural goal of St.Gallers.

St. Gallen is now looking to drive a little more aggressively, but efficiency leaves much to be desired. In addition, hosts often make mistakes in operating in promising positions. In stoppage time, goalkeeper Ziggy reserves one point for St. Gallen in a superb save against Farol Tassar.

The Eastern Switzerland team remains unbeaten for the seventh consecutive championship match. Next Wednesday they will be a guest in Lugano before meeting Vaduz at home on Saturday. If Liechtenstein wins in Lausanne on Sunday, they beat Lucerne and St. Gallen in the table.


Euclid Cabral. As in the Grasshoppers Cup, the full-back is an asset. He always goes on the offensive and doesn’t allow much on his side.

the worst

Jeremy Guillimino. Not because of commitment. As always, Guillemenot is good for the team. But in the penalty area he has to show more presence and often falls easily again.


Lionel Chauddy leads the game calmly, even when things go wrong meanwhile, he keeps up.

The last spectators were allowed: October 4, 2020, in the match between St. Gallen and Servet.

The last spectators were allowed to be there:
October 4, 2020, in the match between St. Gallen and Servet.

Photo: Benjamin Manser


Following Wednesday’s Federal Council decision, 100 spectators will be admitted again to Premier League football matches starting Monday. Early next Saturday against Vaduz, a bunch of fans could be there again in Kibbunpark. How the selection process will take place is still open, according to FC St. Gallen.


Peter Ziedler, coach FC St. Gallen: “Lucerne defended very hard. This made it difficult for us to take dangerous action. But we managed not to allow any counterattacks. After the breather, we tried to speed up the pace which we partially managed to do. Once again the audience missed us. They would push us back, which could be of great value during such a hard program. But the point is valuable. I am happy with my children. The next opportunity will be on Wednesday in Lugano. “

Kwadwo Dua, Stürmer FC St. Gallen: “From my point of view, we were clearly the better team, we had more chances than Lucerne. We also had a strong defense. When I had a big chance, the ball unexpectedly fell in front of my feet after the goalkeeper’s defense. I was surprised. I should have made that possible. “.

Fabio Celestini, coach of FC Lucerne: “We wanted to defend really well, we had a lot of problems lately, play from scratch. The St. Galleries rebound was good, and they came with some chances. However, we could have won here as well. But the draw is fair.”

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