May 18, 2024

The first world championship fight ended in curiosity after 43 rounds

The first world championship fight ended in curiosity after 43 rounds

It happened on Tuesday morning in the South English province. More precisely, in an open field at the edge of a small nest called Farnborough.

It was April 17, 1860, and Great Britain was ruled by Queen Victoria. That morning, 25-year-old American John Carmel Henan and nine-year-old Englishman Tom Sayers faced each other in an open loop – in the first World Championship match in boxing history.

Perhaps the simplest of the counties, but among the many onlookers there were many celebrities who also came from London 50 km north.

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British Prime Minister Henry John Temple found his way to Farnborough, as did the Prince of Wales, who ascended the throne as Edward VII in 1901, and writer Charles Dickens.

What they saw was an ancient sight. Both boxers competed with bare fists, which is actually illegal. But who cared about such trivial things that morning?

First World Championship Boxing Match: Few Rules, But Hard Battle!

At 7.29 AM, asymmetric fighting has already begun. Sayers, “Brighton Near,” was just 1.74 meters tall and weighed just under 75 kilograms. On the other hand, Henan was six inches tall and weighed around 100 kg. (Service: Everything from the world of boxing)

But it did not end quickly, and a merciless battle ensued. There was no limit to the number of turns. Who was counted lost. Open end.

As the fighting continued, both of them looked pretty much beaten, bleeding and almost at the end of their strength.

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Aborted after 43 laps

Finally, the break was written for Round 43 when the fight was inadvertently over. The police were caught in the winds of clamor and noise in the square. She breaks into the ring, but Heenan and the Sayers manage to escape in the chaos.

The fight was later seen as a tie, and both stadiums received a “pain and suffering compensation” of 200 pounds as a wallet. They did not compete again.

They weren’t getting old either. They both died at the age of 39. But this important chapter in boxing history made her immortal.