March 2, 2024

Subzero Departs Early Access and is launched in May.  •

Subzero Departs Early Access and is launched in May. •

Subnautica: Under Zero, the standalone expansion of the 2018 underwater survival adventure in the spectacular Unknown World, will finally get its full version 1.0 on May 14.

Under Zero will be in Early Access for about two and a half years through May (its predecessor will be in Early Access development for a little longer in just over three years) and will be fully released to watch the game. Hop on the Nintendo Switch alongside Xbox, PlayStation and PC. .

If you’re not up to date, Subnautica: Below Zero takes place after the first game, challenging players and taking on a new survival round in a previously unseen part of the planet Ocean 4546B – through familiar systems of building, crafting, and exploration.

Subnautica: A trailer with a release date less than a Zero spoiler.

Snowier and colder than Subnautica players could see before, this new location brings its unique biomes, creatures, and other surprises. You can see the action from Under Zero in the trailer above, but be warned, it’s full of spoilers.

Unknown Worlds confirmed to Subnautica: The console versions under Zero will be available digitally as well as physically at launch alongside the PC version on May 14.

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