June 21, 2024

Stunning discovery - researchers discover 100-year-old shipwreck 'stamina'

Stunning discovery – researchers discover 100-year-old shipwreck ‘stamina’

  • Researchers discover the ship “Endurance” that sank in 1915 off the coast of Antarctica “in fantastic condition”.
  • The expedition ship of the former British polar explorer, Ernest Shackleton, was spotted at a depth of 3,008 metres.
  • At the time, a massive ice pack led to the failure of the polar explorer’s mission: Shackleton and his crew were stuck in the ice for ten months before being rescued.

More than a century after the wreck of the British expedition ship Endurance, researchers have found its wooden wreck in the Weddell Sea in Antarctica.

“By discovering ‘Stamina’ we have made polar history,” said John Shears, expedition leader led by the British Falkland Islands Maritime Heritage Trust.


This historical photograph shows members of the crew of the Endurance launching one of three lifeboats in 1915 after an expedition ship got trapped in the ice.

stone key

“It stands erect, very proud on the sea floor, intact and in fantastic condition,” Expedition Research Director Manson Pound said of the discovery.

Endurance should not be saved: the wreck is protected as a historic site by the Antarctic Treaty. The researchers want to document their amazing discovery for present and future generations with photos and videos without damaging the wreck.

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