April 22, 2024

Students defend bar occupants due to “inflation”

Female students sit for hours in the Tibbets restaurant in Bern without ordering anything, causing problems. However, they are my fellow students.

A student (with laptop) occupies a table at Tibits but doesn't order anything. -Zfg

The basics in a nutshell

  • Female students sit for hours in the Tibbets restaurant in Bern without being asked.
  • Finally, the waitress asked them to eat something.
  • There is a student association that protects them.

A young woman sits at Tibits, a vegetarian restaurant, learning – but she doesn't want to order anything. So ask the waitress in a friendly but firm way.

When a second student joined us a little while later, the young woman whispered to her, “Man, maybe we should buy something. The waitress came up to me earlier and hit me!” Apparently the two of them had planned to occupy the table for free, so to speak.

The VSS Student Association is aware that this causes problems for other guests – and perhaps also for some restaurants. But now spokeswoman Nadège Widmer is also protecting those occupying the tables.

“Libraries are often crowded.”

It is clear to them that there is a need for more learning spaces without pressure on consumption: “Libraries are often overcrowded, especially during the learning phase. Therefore, we welcome the expansion of this infrastructure.”

She also points out that many students are experiencing financial bottlenecks: “Inflation hits students hard as a low-income group. Rent prices, health insurance premiums and rising food costs are having an impact on students.

“The easiest thing is to learn at home.”

Budget Consultant Philip Fry is also familiar with the financial and space issues students face. “The easiest thing, of course, is to learn at home. However, depending on the living situation, this is not always ideal.

He also points out that there are not enough places for education in universities. “It is not always easy to find alternatives. Libraries, neighborhood meeting points or community centers are recommended.

Opinion poll

Sitting at the bar and not ordering anything – is this possible?

No, that's rude.


Yes, but only if there are enough free places.


This is always possible, because Pickles is open to the public.


He also has some saving tips for students: “It pays to optimize for the big expenses first: rent and health insurance.” You can check whether you are entitled to a premium reduction. When it comes to living, you can consider a shared apartment or your parents' house.

“You should also regularly check your expenses regarding cell phone subscriptions, streaming services, etc. You should cancel subscriptions you don't need or switch to cheaper models.

Bike instead of bus

Finally, you can save on everyday costs: “Cook a lot yourself, shop consciously, and avoid expensive brand products and ready-made meals. You can save money on clothes, furniture and kitchen utensils with swap meets, Brockenstuben or Tutti, Ricardo and Co..”