February 23, 2024

State investment experiences? Is Stateinvestments.co.uk a scam?

Don’t stand out State Investments (stateinvestments.co.uk) in. Because this shady provider operates in the orbit of platforms that have already become known as scams. Will he spend? no one. expertise? First positive, then disaster!

In particular, there are real and reputable financial companies with a name similar to StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk). Therefore, it is not only a matter of financial harm to investors who are exploited, but also potential identity theft.

And now BaFin officially warns against state investments (stateinvestments.co.uk)! The worst-case scenario looms for investors here.

Don’t let StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk) fool you!

I am the site operator


And bear the consequences for the perpetrators of crimes. Because as a lawyer, it is important to me not to let scammers get away with it. After all, we have many starting points for tracking down financial fraudsters.

Email me with your experiences at StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk). I’ll look at what happened and give you one The initial evaluation is free. This will give you specific recommendations for action from me, and if necessary, I can also act as your advocate.

  1. Did you think StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk) was an “official” thing because it had the word “State” in it? If so, it is likely a scam from questionable financial intermediaries. This is exactly the “serious impression” that these people want to create!
  2. Not only is German financial regulator BaFin warning against StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk), it has already begun investigations. Your money is by no means “in safe hands” there!
  3. You should now speak to a specialist lawyer to confirm your claims. First, inquire about the free initial evaluation. Because now you need rough guidance in this difficult situation.

BaFin investigations against StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk) are already underway!

On November 24, 2023, the Federal Financial Supervision Authority (BaFin) issued an urgent warning aimed at consumer vigilance.

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From the perspective of the supervisory body: the website Stateinvestments.co.uka digital actor fishing in the murky waters of illicit financial transactions.

The operator of this ill-fated website, which bears his name State investments He hides and plays a dangerous game by providing financial and investment services, without For this Licenses required To own.

Do we already have experience with StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk)? Yes, but under different aliases!

Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin reveals: You will not find a fingerprint on the site, nor a clear legal form or full business address. Only London in the UK is listed as the company’s headquarters – a weak anchor in a sea of ​​uncertainty.

But the warning signal from BaFin has become stronger: The StateInvestments website is, despite its name, almost perfect for the websites tradecentrix.net and cmginternal.org, which the authority had already urgently warned about on October 23, 2023!

How a scam can work at StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk)!

I don’t yet have any concrete experience with StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk). But I can tell you exactly how things went with the “double” called cmginternal.org.

A few months ago, someone came across a tempting advertisement online from a company in London It promised big profits by increasing the deposited funds. After the initial deposit, she saw that her account with this company was funded with small amounts, which prompted her to make more transfers.

As a result, I invested in a “special project” in cryptocurrencies, on the recommendation of an employee of the company, and in return I received a security paper (see: Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investment scams). If StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk) offers you something like this, please stay away! The situation escalated when the affected person tried to withdraw his entire savings.

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No payment! Something like this could happen to you at StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk)!

He explained to her that payment would require a specialized bank that could convert cryptocurrencies into euros.

After setting up a suitable bank account and transferring her entire savings, unexpected problems arose.

The funds are supposedly “kept on the blockchain.” If StateInvestments (stateinvestments.co.uk) also told you such fictional storiesYou are welcome to use my experience in tracking cryptocurrencies.

More excuses and delaying tactics!

To release it, she must deposit a large amount for one day, which must then be transferred back with the total amount. Although this condition was met in several payments, I was informed that the transaction should have been completed in one lump sum.

Another request was submitted to release part of the funds, and although the requested amount was transferred, the funds remained It cannot be accessed.

The person has been informed that withdrawal is not possible. A large portion of the money was on her salary Atomic wallet Visible in the form of ETH coin, however Unattainable!