July 15, 2024

Garcia won an exciting Moto3™ game in the last round

Garcia won an exciting Moto3™ game in the last round

This is the third win for the GASGAS star in 2021 as championship leader Acosta misses the podium…

A thrilling final lap by Sergio Garcia (Santander Consumer GASGAS) brought the Aspar star his third win of the Moto3™ season in a classic lightweight fight at the Bitci Motorcycle Grand Prix in Austria. Deniz Onko (Red Bull KTM Tech3) has had an excellent lead for a long time, losing his potential victory for the first time before the end of the bout, but is still happy with a second podium finish in the Grand Prix, while Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing) has a fantastic P3.

Garcia triumphs in another Moto3™ frenzy

Poulsiter Romano Finati (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) made a perfect start after the lights went out and comfortably carried P1 into Turn 1, Öncü made a great start in the second row and earned a P2. It didn’t take long for Turk to turn P2 into P1 on their fourth turn and so Öncü exited on lap 1 with the captain and Garcia also subtly passing the field from 14th to the top five.

Öncü, Fenati and Acosta set the tone for several laps in the top three, while top 10 competitor Darryn Binder (Petronas Sprinta Racing) crashed in the last corner in a crowd with Ayumu Sasaki (Red Bull KTM Tech3). A top-six group was formed consisting of Garcia, Jaume Macia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) and Foggia, who joined the aforementioned trio, with Petronas Sprinta Racing’s Bender and John McPhee having a one-second advantage.

In the third turn, Garcia ceded three opponents in a targeted maneuver. The Spaniard took the lead, and Acosta and Onco followed suit. Then, in the fourth turn, the lead went to the exciting rookie. However, a spectacular attack from Turn 8 resulted in Onko regaining control of P1. When the last lap started, Onko led with Acosta into his own stream. The latter surpassed his inner turn 3, but Öncü responded directly, but then suddenly fired Garcia past title rival Acosta with incredible speed, which cost the championship leaders dearly…

Garcia immediately turned his radar toward Commander Onko and chose Turn 9 as the place to beat the rookie. Onko had nothing to contend with, he couldn’t defend himself and had to watch the GASGAS driver maintain his lead on the line in order to claim victory at Red Bull by 0.027sec. Foggia defeated Acosta for third on the last lap.

My girls crossed the line in fifth in less than half a second behind the winner – another great race for the Italian veteran who pushed Masia out of the top five on the last lap. McPhee earned the commendable P7 ahead of Izan Guevara (Santander Consumer GASGAS). Binder faded into the final stages, finishing only P9, while Japan’s Kaito Toba (CIP Green Power) completed the top ten.

Andrea Mineo (Rivakold sniper team) crashed in the last corner of the first lap after calling his teammate David Salvador, but Adrian Fernandez (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) also retired for the Austrian Grand Prix.

With his third win of the season, Garcia cut the difference for Acosta to 41 championship points before going to Silverstone. The title fight between Spaniards Acosta and Garcia has finally begun. Going to the UK in two weeks, but what does the legendary British road have in store for us at the end of the month?

Top 10:
1. Sergio Garcia (Santander Consumer GASGAS)
2. Sea Pioneer (Red Bull KTM Tech3) + 0.027
3. Dennis Foggia (Leopard Racing) +0.319
4. Pedro Acosta (Red Bull KTM Garlic) + 0.394
5. Romano Vinati (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) + 0.462
6. Jaume Masia (Red Bull KTM Ajo) + 0.794
7. John McPhee (Petronas Sprinta Racing) + 1.331
8. Izan Guevara (Santander Consumer GASGAS) + 1,440
9. Darren Bender (Petronas Sprinta Racing) + 2339
10. Kaito Toba (CIP Green Power) + 6.135

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