February 22, 2024

Snow Scene: The Finns print artwork on snow

Snow Scene: The Finns print artwork on snow

Don’t kick – the Finns print the artwork in snow

A spectacular snowy scene is bombarded on the ground at a snow-capped golf course in Helsinki.

It is hard to believe that this mandala in the snow was not crushed mechanically. A number of volunteers are responsible for the snow engineering artwork.

The group followed a printed map and used ropes to trace the perfect circles on the snow-covered golf course in Helsinki.

The time required for the massive 160 meter snowflake was correspondingly great. The group stood on the snow-covered spot for a full three hours at -10 degrees.

It looks like a mess of footprints on the ground. “While we were doing this, it was very difficult to understand what the artwork would look like,” says a snowboarder.

According to Finnish media If this is the largest snow pattern ever created in the Nordic country. And it shouldn’t be the last. Jean Picco, The Snow Scenery chief, already has other projects in mind, which would be “even if it’s a little smaller”.

We can be looking forward to new snow graphics in the coming weeks. “Because people have been so excited, I think there will be new snow art business in the next few weeks,” says Pyykkö.

The whole scene as a video:


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