Coconuts and Rats – Three Cubans rescued after 33 days on an uninhabited Caribbean island – news

  • The U.S. Coast Guard rescued three shipwrecked Cubans. They stayed on an uninhabited island in the Anguilla Cays for 33 days.
  • The two men and a woman told rescuers that they ate coconuts, oysters and mice.
  • Your boat gets into trouble on rough seas. But they managed to swim on the beach.

The three have been waiting for help on the Anguilla Cays for more than a month, according to US media. It is unclear whether the three drowned while trying to leave Cuba and enter the United States.

In the middle of the Caribbean

According to the US Coast Guard, the untouchables were seen on Monday during a routine patrol flight from a helicopter on an island in Anguilla Cays. The Long Islands (Italian “Anguilla” opposite the Eel) are located in the southwest of the Bimini Archipelago, an area in the Bahamas, about 80 kilometers north of Cuba. It is located about 200 kilometers from the Lower Florida Keys.

The Cubans had drawn attention to themselves with an improvised flag. At first, the Coast Guard threw a survival pack containing water, food, and a radio out of the air. But due to the bad weather, it was only possible to get them back the next day.

Exhausted and dry

I don’t know how they did it. Coast Guard Lieutenant Justin Dougherty told CNN WPLG, “I’m surprised they were in such good shape.

The Cubans were airlifted to the Lower Keys Medical Center in Florida to receive medical care. All three were tired and dehydrated, but otherwise okay. The “El Nuevo Herald” newspaper in Miami reported that they were subsequently handed over to immigration authorities.

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