March 2, 2024

Smugglers are misusing Tiktok in their business

“The success speaks for itself. The boys arrived safely in London this evening,” says a photo on TikTok showing migrants on a rubber dinghy. Albanian human smugglers use such photos and videos to advertise illegal immigration to Great Britain on the net.

“The French will not stop you. On the contrary: They will accompany you safely until you reach British waters,” wrote a smuggler on TikTok to a Sun reporter who pretended to be an Albanian migrant. This account alone has more than 1,800 followers and nearly 7,000 likes.

People smugglers also provide advice on how migrants can deal with British authorities after illegal immigration. Once you arrive, you should contact a lawyer who will help you present a “good story” to the authorities.

“I can give you the number of the lawyer I called on behalf of my relatives,” explains one TikTok trafficker. “He managed to get a residence permit for half the Albanians in London.” Only one boy was detained briefly, while the others were able to reach relatives in Great Britain.

Albanian smugglers appear to be taking advantage of their own citizens. According to a British military report, 757 Albanians crossed the English Channel in a small boat last year. This year, there were 1,075 Albanian immigrants in just six weeks.

The smugglers were instructing the migrants to describe themselves as victims of human smuggling in the UK. This is what a former director of the British Border Force says. This would make it more difficult for them to be returned directly to Albania.

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British reporters found three smugglers on TikTok and reported them to the Chinese company. Then Tiktok blocked him. “This content has no place on Tiktok. “We do not allow content that encourages human smuggling,” she said in a statement.