April 25, 2024

Showcasing The Beast by John Dodd 27 Liter

(Motorsport-Total.com) – At first you can’t help but stare at The Beast. This creation looks as if it was taken from a dystopian science fiction movie or from the imagination of a mad scientist. However, John Dodd’s innovation falls into the latter category with its 27-litre Merlin engine. And if you’re brave enough…the car is now for sale on the Car & Classic UK auction site.

The engine is thus twenty-seven times larger than the base engine of the current Volkswagen Golf. So the long hood is too much. This is also why the car was called a “monster”. Dodd originally boasted that the naturally aspirated engine produced 950 horsepower, but current estimates are closer to 750 horsepower. But this does not really matter, the Beast was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in 1977 as the most powerful car in the world and reached a maximum speed of almost 300 km / h.

In an era of adventurous creations like the Stutz Blackhawk, it makes the 1973 Cadillac Eldorado look sober and the 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car almost mighty. But the strangest thing is that The Beast was originally registered as a Rolls-Royce and even had a Silver Shadow grille.

Whether encouraged by the car’s registration or encouraged by his rebellious spirit, Dowd loved pranks on Rolls-Royce. high Classic driver He called the company pretending to be a customer who wanted to buy the car he had just seen driving down a European street. Thus arose the legend that a Barron in a Porsche named Rolls-Royce after “The Beast” passed him on a German motorway. Except it wasn’t Barron, it was Dodd.

Eventually, Rolls-Royce sued Dodd for trademark infringement. The case was a media frenzy and Dodd attended the hearing with The Beast. As he later recalled, “I drove it every day and parked right in front of the courthouse.” The court ruled in favor of Rolls-Royce and fined Dodd, who refused to pay. After losing the appeal and facing prison time, he fled to Spain to avoid extradition.

source: Car and classic

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