June 20, 2024

Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa on class and Vince Staples on magic

Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa on class and Vince Staples on magic

Megan the Stallion and Dua Lipa – Sweetest Pie

Pay attention to all the sexy girls, sexy boys and those who want to be hot: there is new material from Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa. With “Sweetest Pie,” the two musicians get together for the first time and in the accompanying video they kidnap two young men in a strange and frightening wonderland. The rhythm and melody are as sweet as the title, while Megan and Dua Lipa haunt their victims with hallucinations of all kinds. In the end, the two end up on the line because of their magic – you can see how that ends for them in the music video.

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M1llionz – NGL

The return of the wonderful King of the United Kingdom! M1llionz released their new single “NGL” last Friday – the title here is of course short for Internet slang “You Won’t Lie”. Recently, the drill rapper participated in the popular Freestyle format “Daily Duppy” last year, and now he continues to produce new material. With the “NGL” M1llionz proves once again that no one can fill in the trailing lines as they do and do a few laps around the block on dirt bikes.

lato feat. 21 Savage Wheelie

There are also frames smoked in the new song by American rapper Latto – formerly Mulatto – and 21 Savage. In Atlanta’s “wheelie” trap meets Phonkian cowbells in the spirit of Memphis – a combination that makes your head flash at the push of a button. Attractive hook and versatile flow do the rest, and let me say with confidence: it’s a certified recording tool. And Latto doesn’t lack self-confidence anyway: “If you mess around and leak the tape, you win an EMMY”.

Tana Leon – Lucky / With the bad guys

Kendrick Lamar recently announced that his next project will be his last with his long-running home label, Top Dawg Entertainment. This is not as shocking as one might think. Finally, since 2020, Kendrick has had his own brand and media company in the form of pgLang. The first and most notable signature of course is Baby Kim, who released his debut album “The Melodic Blue” last year.

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There’s now a second artist in pgLang: Rapper Tanna Leone from Los Angeles has just been signed and introduces himself with two new songs. “Lucky” and “With The Villains” ended up somewhere between Baby Keem and Travis Scott and have us excited to see what the new partnership between Tanna Leone and pgLang holds for the future.


KayCyy, Gesaffelstein – TW20 50 (EP)

From Trippie Redd to Yeat, angry rap seems to be the sound of the hour. But what was still new and unused a few months ago with “Miss The Rage,” the namesake for this subgenre, is slowly at risk of wear: the same tuning loops, 808 bass and flow patterns. But luckily, there are up-and-coming rappers who are bringing a breath of fresh air to Rage’s tried-and-true formula. One of them: KayCyy. The Minnesota musician has been around since 2016, but it’s only in the last few months that his career really took off. This is partly due to Kanye West’s “Donda” album last year, to which KayCyy contributed a few tracks.

With the attention the scene has been getting recently, he’s now releasing his latest EP “TW20 50” and showing off the experimental potential of rap. This is partly due to the impressive production provided by the compound experts Gesaffelstein. In particular, the song “OKAY!” Pre-made singles have a certain spark that has already jumped to TikTok and can fire a hole or another hole – all without real beat.

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Vince Staples feat. mustard magic

Do you still remember the dark days when every new rap song from Tyga or Kid Ink came out and under no circumstances (!) got along without the shouts of the crowd and the tight bass of DJ Mustard? If you put that era back on your mind, I’m sorry. But I want to create something completely different. Now, years later, after the spirit of hip-hop has renewed itself several times, we rarely hear this mustard scheme. And if someone then jumps to such a beat, that would be a surprise, well.. cool?

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Vince Staples set a fitting example on Monday with the music video for the recently released single “Magic.” This was created in collaboration with DJ Mustard – today only Mustard – himself and offers a radioactive psychedelic interpretation of the infamous West Coast throwback. By the way, “Magic” is the first single from Vince’s upcoming album “Ramona Park Broke My Heart”, which will be released in April.

Rima feat. AJ Tracy Finn

Even in March, which has only been semi-warm this year, the trend towards the Afro swing continued to spread. In the UK in particular, this style of dance is very popular along with vigorous exercises à la M1llionz, but, as the name suggests, it has its origins in the African continent. Accordingly, there are always exciting collaborations, like this week: Nigerian pop star Rima has tapped British rapper AJ Tracey for his new single “FYN”. A song that gives even the toughest of white bread a hip swing when listening and awakens the irrational craving for cocktails in the shade at 40 degrees.

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