May 23, 2024

Severe weather in Austria: Floods sweep through Hallen

Severe weather in Austria: Floods sweep through Hallen

Storms are now affecting Austria too – here’s a flood in Hallein

There are also dramatic scenes of floods in Austria. The city center of Hallen, near Salzburg, was flooded. In fact a small stream is the cause.

After heavy rainمطار Austria Parts of downtown Hallen near Salzburg were flooded. Police confirmed Saturday that the stream has developed into a raging stream, and can be viewed online.

“The situation is very tense and dramatic at times,” a police spokesman said. However, there is currently no evidence of injuries. The videos show how cars are carried away by water blocks.

State fire brigade chief Gunter Trinker said people who were confined to their homes were rescued with the help of boats or trucks. According to the authorities, some of the water was drained late in the evening. However, the situation in the city of 22,000 remains tense due to the possibility of new rains.

Residents have already been called to be vigilant and not to go into the cellars. The situation is also tense in other parts of the Austrian Alps. Firefighters had to pump several cellars around Kitzbühel.

According to ORF, floods have also occurred in the communities of Mittersill, Salfelden, Thalgau, Ogendorf and Grossmen. Warning signs were placed in Salzburg and a tunnel was flooded.

Warning in Kufstein and Vienna

In Kufstein, people are told not to leave the buildings and retreat to the upper floors. In urban areas, water from the lodge’s already flowing sewers has reached the streets. Part of Felbertauernstrasse has been closed due to possible landslides.

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In Vienna, heavy rain and thunderstorms caused fire brigades to be very busy. Firefighters are usually called in because basements or tunnels have been inundated, and by Sunday morning, professional firefighters had reported more than 500 operations. (dpa/t-online)

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Historic floods in Switzerland


Historic floods in Switzerland

Source: cornerstone

Switzerland is under water – especially central Switzerland

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