May 21, 2024

Sega can revitalize its amusement park business in the West

Sega can revitalize its amusement park business in the West

Sonic is now a successful movie star in live-action movies, and just last week Sega planned to celebrate Blue Blur’s 30th anniversary with a comeback. Sonic colorsAnd the Sonic origins And explain new game.

So how can Sega grow? According to a report from CA Technology Group (as discovered by Sonic Youtube Badnik Mechanicalنيك), Sega may have plans to revive its parking business in several Western locations around the world. If you’re old enough, you might remember World of sound.

The group appears to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (a non-binding agreement) with another partner to locate a launch site in the UK “in about half a year” and then consider the possibility of creating more theme parks in countries like Europe and Europe. North to create America.

A story about the report from the news site Basic It provides some additional information:

CA SEGA JOYPOLIS is an indoor theme park operated by CA SEGA JOYPOLIS and opened in Yokohama. Enjoy 4D and VR experience…a different kind of fun.

Currently, CA SEGA JOYPOLIS has dominated the hearts of Japanese for more than 27 years with subsidiaries in Japan and China and plans to expand into Europe, America and Australia in the near future.

As the YouTuber himself noted, these reported plans to expand the theme park may have been launched a few years ago by the CEO of the US company Sega and the president of the Sega Corporation.

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