April 25, 2024

Duchess Catherine: 'Smart move' after Meghan's attack

Duchess Catherine: ‘Smart move’ after Meghan’s attack

Duchess Catherine
‘Smart move’ after Duchess Meghan’s attack

Duchess Catherine and Duchess Meghan probably have nothing to say at the moment.

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Royal family news in GALA tape: Duchess Catherine keeps her cool +++ Prince Phillips also spared Queen Elizabeth with biting humor

News about the royal family in the GALA

1. June 2021

Duchess Catherine doesn’t play Duchess Megan

There are allegations that one does not like to hear about oneself in public: Duchess Catherine, 39, is said to have made Duchess Meghan, 39, cry in May 2018 during a wedding with Prince Harry, 36. At least that’s what Meghan claimed in an Oprah Winfrey interview in March of 2021. But instead of responding, the accused is keeping a public stand – not just because royal protocol wants it that way. Royal expert Camilla Tomini says: Despite Kate’s potential resentment towards the Sussex couple, she is doing her best to find a way to reconcile the two brothers.

In a recent article for Stella magazine about Keats’ behavior at the funeral, the journalist said: “Few would blame her if she had given Harry a cold shoulder. But she clearly decided that the situation should be calmed rather than aggravated.” For Prince Philip, 99. As the TV cameras showed, she started a conversation with her son-in-law after the service. When Prince William, 38, joined them and the three began to move, Kate discreetly walked away from the men and left them exchanging a few words on their own.

Royal author Christopher Wilson agrees with fellow Tomini: “It was a smart move that showed the Duchess was not afraid of anything going on.” Kate’s Friedenmation shouldn’t help, however: The brothers should continue a lukewarm relationship.

31. May 2021

Prince Philip advised Queen Elizabeth to abdicate

Queen Elizabeth, 95, made history on September 9, 2015: At 23,226 days, she has sat on the UK throne longer than any other monarch: at home before her. Prince Philip, 99, has taken his long tenure in office as an opportunity to mock his wife: she must abdicate so as not to become an “old shoe”. The story was told by royal expert Antonio Caprica for “London Radio One”.

The Prince’s exact wording is said to have been: “It’s time to leave, as long as you can still do it with your legs instead of getting kicked in the ass and thrown like an old boot.” It is not known exactly when he made this statement. But what we do know: The Queen may have reached the proud age of 95, but giving up isn’t an issue yet. On the contrary: On February 6, 2022, she will celebrate her 70th birthday on the throne and expand her record.

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