June 21, 2024

Seeker is the Rogue Company's newest playable agent

Seeker is the Rogue Company’s newest playable agent

Starting today, the new Agent Seeker can be played in Hi-Rez Studios’ cross-platform Rogue Company. Like all other agents, the new software can be unlocked for free by playing enough number of matches.

At only the age of 21, he achieved Olympic fame in archery. The exceptional young talent not only attracted the attention of the audience, but also entered the focal point of Rogue.

He was personally recruited by the director and is now assumed to play a critical role in the attack on Jackal’s Underground Base, which will be the scene of work on the new “Caves” map.

The researcher excels in the field because he can provide his team with important information. With his distinctive bow, he launches an arrow scanner that makes the opponents visible to his team. In addition, he can place adhesive sensors in strategically important locations and hit his opponents with concussion grenades.

In addition to his kill count, he’s guaranteed to lift his team’s mood with his relaxed demeanor.

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