July 15, 2024

Science – Bayreuth – Researchers in Bayreuth examine moon rocks – Bavaria

Science – Bayreuth – Researchers in Bayreuth examine moon rocks – Bavaria

Bayreuth (dpa/lby) – A team of scientists from the University of Bayreuth examines rock samples collected by NASA’s Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 missions from the Moon in 1972. The head of the research team said that the rock, which formed more than three billion years ago, exists on Earth. About 50 years ago, it has now been made available to the Bavarian Geological Institute at the University of Bayreuth by the US space agency. , Audrey Bouvier, on Friday with.

Samples are small pieces of rock about the size of a thumbprint. The Apollo 16 and 17 astronauts collected a large portion of these samples with the help of their battery-powered lunar vehicle, the Lunar Roving Vehicle.

Scientists also hope to obtain information about the rock composition of the Earth, the formation of which has been linked to the formation of its satellite. In contrast to Earth, moon rock is largely preserved.

“These results are particularly interesting because they allow conclusions to be drawn about the chemical and physical conditions under which life arose on Earth about 3.7 billion years ago,” Bouvier said.

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