May 18, 2024

Scanbot SDK now supports .NET MAUI

BONN, Germany, June 1 /PRNewswire/

Scanbot SDK is now available for NET MAUI Available, the successor to the cross-platform framework Xamarin.Forms. This provides companies with another opportunity to integrate the Scanbot SDK’s reliable data capture functionality into their mobile apps.

With Barcode Scanner SDK, Document Scanner SDK and Data Capture SDK for iOS, Android, Windows, Web and Linux, businesses can easily automate tedious and error-prone manual data entry. Not only does it save costs, but it also improves user experience for its employees and customers.

Scanbot SDKs are available on all major platforms: Native for iOS, Android, Windows, Web, and soon Linux as well as cross-platform frameworks, including Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. More than 200 customers worldwide use Scanbot SDK products for billions of scans annually.

.NET MAUI allows developers to create native user interfaces and applications for different platforms using a common code base. Compared to its predecessor, Xamarin.Forms, MAUI promises better performance, higher productivity, and improved development processes. It is based on .NET 6, which provides enhanced features across all platforms.

The two frameworks currently coexist, but Xamarin is scheduled to be completely replaced by MAUI by May 2024. At this point, official Microsoft support for all Xamarin SDKs ends. At least until then, the Scanbot SDK will continue to support the older framework.

“With the Scanbot .NET MAUI SDK, we are giving our customers the opportunity to switch to the new framework at an early stage and take advantage of its benefits. But they can also wait until it gains a foothold among developers,” says Edward Frank, Scanbot SDK’s chief technology officer. “Of course we will support Xamarin as long as Microsoft supports it. It is part of our company DNA that our customers get from us everything they need to be successful. This also includes offering SDKs for both platforms.”

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.NET MAUI offers a number of advantages over Xamarin.Forms: instead of having to create a separate project for each target platform, developers can cover all operating systems with a single project and store resources such as fonts and image files centrally. In addition, platform-specific APIs now make it easier to access native device functionality.

Companies can opt out of the Scanbot .NET MAUI SDK for free 7-day trial license He convinces. More information about the product can be found at

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