June 23, 2024

Sanctions: Britain bans all British flights to Aeroflot, Russia

Sanctions: Britain bans all British flights to Aeroflot, Russia

In response to the attack on Ukraine, Britain imposed sanctions on Russia. You will also meet Aeroflot. Russia bans all British flights

The Russian military continues to attack Ukraine and Britain Sanctions have been announced against Russia. According to the government in London, they are operating “against the Russian elites, corporations and financial institutions.” An item on the list: “Aeroflot, Russia’s national airline, has been banned from British airspace.”

This is the first hurdle aimed at a Russian airline. The Russian government holds 57.3 percent of Aeroflot’s direct shares.

“Vladimir Putin’s barbaric attempt”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said: “Our aim is clear: diplomatically, politically, economically – and ultimately militarily – to thwart Vladimir Putin’s brutal and barbaric attempt.”

On Friday morning (February 25), the Russian Aviation Authority Rosaviyatsia responded to the ban on aeroflot. If Great Britain does not change its decision, it reserves the right to take appropriate action – meaning that British airlines such as British Airways will be denied access to Russian airspace.

Russia threatens British airlines

“For information, we report that on February 25, 2022, British Airlines will operate 70 transport aircraft and two aircraft on the London-Moscow route in Russian airspace,” Rosaviazia wrote in its first statement.

That morning, Russian officials announced that all British flights would be banned from Russian airspace. This affects aircraft owned by the British, registered by the British and leased to the British. This ban applies not only to flights to Russia, but to all flights passing through Russian airspace.

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